Eddie Trunk on the R&R Hall of Shame

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Just thought this was worth sharing, from an interview in USA Today:

“I wish [the voters] would reveal themselves. You know, I have hammered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years on TV and radio. I do it again in the upcoming season of That Metal Show; I will do it until they get it right and listen to the the fan voices more than just their private little club of hipsters.

Last season on That Metal Show, Alice Cooper was on — unbelievable that Alice has been ignored after 10 years of being eligible. It makes my blood boil as a rock fan. Same thing with KISS. It goes on and on, and even when they get it right, it’s so unbelievably disrespectful. To think a guy like Alice Cooper has been ignored for 10 years … when he finally goes in it’s still tainted. The biggest problem, and the biggest frustration for fans, is what do they do about it? Because they don’t know where to take their argument. These people seem to be this clandestine group that make these decisions and they just get released one day.”

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