Arcade Fire working on new album now!

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From Last FM:

Arcade Fire has been keeping busy lately touring in support of their awesome new album, The Suburbs, released this past august. With a heavy tour schedule ahead of them, the band is still thinking about the future.

In a recent interview, band member Will Butler announced Arcade Fire’s plans as they head into 2011. If you’re a big Arcade Firefan, you’re going to love the idea of the band working on a new album while they still keep on touring!

He was asked about the band’s future plans after he spoke at his former school, Northwestern University, to speak about his work with the charity Partners in Health

We’ve never successfully written or done anything really in a middle of a touring cycle. We’re going to see if we can maybe get into a different rhythm besides the tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest, tour, tour, tour, rest, rest, rest. We’re going to see if we can intertwine them a little bit. We’ll definitely be touring next spring because the weather will be nicer to drive around in the springtime than the winter

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