Video of the Day: Waxahatchee

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Video of the Day: Waxahatchee

Waxahatchee is a Katie Crutchfield‘s solo project, formed in the wake of the demise of her previous band, P.S. Eliot. There are moments with a Juliana Hatfield /90s vibe, and perhaps fittingly Crutchfield put out both 2012’s American Weekend and 2013’s Cerulean Salt (out July 1st) on a label known for its punk leanings (Don Giovanni Records).

“Coast to Coast” is the first track released from the upcoming album, and its sun-washed video features Crutchfield jumping into the Alabama creek after which the band is named. Her sparse, stripped down songs cut right to the core of the matter, eschewing anything that gets in the way of the central theme. Which, pretty much sounds like a punk ethos even if it has little musical kinship with punk rock, no?



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