Video of the Day: The Julie Ruin

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Video of the Day: The Julie Ruin

You know Kathleen Hanna. And, even if you don’t, just nod your head and silently affirm your recognition. Because you should know the extraordinary frontwoman of the legendary Riot Grrrl band, Bikini Kill. The leader of the more popularly accepted, Le Tigre. The life partner of one Adam Horovitz (you may know him as Ad-Rock, Beastie Boys-style). So nod your head, show your smarts, and use that info wisely with the PBR-slugging crew at your regular Sunday afternoon gathering at Zeitgeist, where her music — probably Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” — will almost certainly play in the background.

And now, there’s this relatively new nugget of information for you to drop on your friends: Hanna’s current project is called The Julie Ruin and the quintet is releasing a record entitled Run Fast on September 3rd (not the solo project Hanna undertook in the late 90s under the moniker Julie Ruin, but related nonetheless). A relatively brief tour will support the record, and both are sure to be full of the angsty genius you have leveraged day-by-f@#$!*%-day while preparing to take the fight to the patriarchy.

First out of their arsenal: “Oh Come On.”


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