Video of the Day: Grimes

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You may recall that we recently reviewed Grimes’ return to Wide World of New Music with her highly-touted release, Visions.  Beyond an extensive tour, the Montreal-based artist has begun promoting that album with the release of a video for her track, “Oblivion”, which serves as an indie rock update to Madonna’s classically controversial video for “Like a Prayer.”

In this 21st century iteration, the forbidden fruit isn’t a soon-to-be-defrocked-priest: it’s the jocks and the frat boys.  The waifish and cute-as-a-vintage-button Claire Boucher cavorts around at motocross races, in men’s locker rooms, at McGill University football games and at house parties full of testosterone but sans une solitary chemise.   After all, what is more forbidden in hipsterville than acknowledging an attraction to the mainstream?  (Unless this is intended as a double negative and is actually ironic irony, which is entirely possible).

This, then, could be a visualization of our contemporary love-that-dare-not-speak-its-name. As we all seek to distinguish ourselves individually, eventually the mainstream memes of yesteryear become more unique.  So, to all the jocks and frat boys of the world, you just might be hipper than we’ve thought.



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