Video of the Day: Friends’ “I’m His Girl”

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Video of the Day: Friends’ “I’m His Girl”

Brooklyn band Friends (how is it possible that there hasn’t been a band with this name before????) are currently touring with Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club, warming up the crowd with a mix of disco drumming, thumping Fender bass, the occasional twinge of Asian pop, a gender-bending eclecticism, and a dollop of youthful enthusiasm. There are four friends in the picture above, five in the picture on their website, and last night their show featured six…three guys, two chicas, and one…well, i’m not sure.

Some songs have hat tips to The Cure…others feature atmospherics similar to fellow Brooklynite Blood Orange, and others are uniquely their own, as filtered through some sort of tawdry late 70s/early 80s San Fernando Valley film. While they suffered a bit with an opening band mix and non-existent light show, they closed strong with a pair of songs that included “I’m His Girl,” off of their June 5th release, Manifest!, on Fat Possum Records.

Plus, if you see them live, it seems that they like to send the band member of indeterminate gender into the crowd “to touch you guys.” Bonus? Hey, that’s not for us to judge….decide for yourself, starting tonight as their tour continues at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club.


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