Video of the Day, Coachella Countdown Edition: Pulp, “This Is Hardcore”

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As has become common with festivals in recent years, the Coachella Music Festival has a strong history of serving as a platform for artists reuniting their long abandoned groups for one last bob at the apple.  This year, perhaps the most exciting reunion is that of the legendary BritPop band, Pulp, who got back together in 2011 for a series of European festival dates while beginning to kick around some new material.

They are a testament to the truism that for most bands, success doesn’t come early or easily.  Instead, they ground it out for about 15 years before finally achieving renown on their native island and beyond with His ‘n Hers and then Different Class.  That fertile period in the mid 90s bore offspring that competed ably against that of music industry giants like Blur and Oasis, and traversed the Pond and into the ears of Anglophilic music snobs and other select audiences.

With subversive antics and lyrics about class warfare and societal mores, Jarvis Cocker became quite the celebrity for a few moments in time, before the band broke up and Cocker decamped to Paris for a good portion of the band’s interregnum period. So, more than 30 years after Pulp commenced operations, the group (Cocker is the sole remaining original member) is back stateside for a quartet of bi-coastal dates as well as their two-weekend stint at Coachella.


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