Roundup: Shatner! On the Road!

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William Shatner is taking his show on the road. The one-man performances, which sound like they’ll combine some of his oddball covers with spoken word, begin on Broadway before traipsing cross country. We’re just happy it gives us an excuse to link to this:

“Desert Island Discs” has celebrated its 70th anniversary. Click here to hear the show.

You had to know this was coming: prog fans the world over have designated 2-1-12 “Rush Day” or alternatively, “Prog Metal Day,” in honor of Rush’s landmark prog album 2112.

Dead Can Dance has released a free live EP, Live Happenings – Part III, while they work on a new album and tour. Click here to download from their site.

President Obama is doing a $100-a-head fundraiser in San Francisco this month featuring Chris Cornell.

Metalheads rejoice: Mastodon and Opeth, arguably the two biggest metal bands in the world, are co-headlining a tour that kicks off in April. Also joining them in Sweden’s Ghost, who have been known to dress like satanic popes on stage.

Headline of the Day: “Axl Rose and Some Guys Playing the Fillmore”

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