Roll the Ledes | Music News: January 29, 2014

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Roll the Ledes | Music News: January 29, 2014

Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller of Floridian band Sleigh Bells spent 90 minutes doing one of those newfangled AskMeAnything sessions for Reddit that feels like you’re on Usenet in 1997 only with more people. While there, they fielded a question from Miller’s erstwhile English teacher…and her son. Because that’s what rock music does…bring parents and kids together.


Mike Doughty — who hated talking about being the Soul Coughing guy before recently re-embracing the most interesting part of his music career — posted three previously unreleased electronica-ish collaborations with Elliot Smith. The collaboration sounds a bit dated, for obvious reasons, and the never-to-be-revisited project is entitled UUL. Pitchfork sheds further light on the late 90s recording sessions. For what it’s worth, those who have read Doughty’s page-turning “memoir,” The Book of Drugs, know that he wasn’t the biggest fan of Jeff Buckley…you know, if you ever envisioned a duel to the death between the equally late Smith and Buckley.


Daft Punk sounded a lot different when they were recording demos as a guitar group called Darlin’ — twenty years ago — (which also featured the dude who would go on to become the drummer in Phoenix).


Neon Trees is one of those bands that turns heads with killer live performances, and their catchy electropop songs are amongst Utah’s more unique cultural exports. Here’s their new video for “Sleeping With a Friend.”



— Vancouver’s Matthew Good opened up on Twitter about mental health. FOR SEVEN HOURS. Perhaps not surprisingly, the artist community is afflicted/blessed with many who share his condition. The list includes Daniel Johnston, Kurt Cobain, Syd Barrett, and many, many more. Good’s fantastic 2007 album, Hospital Music, takes on a different context in that light.


— PRO TIP: If you find yourself in Hollywood and want to hang out at a place where musicians and roadies and black leather come together amidst the cacophony of the Sunset Strip. Go to The Rainbow…you never know who you’ll see: it just might be Joseph Arthur and Ben Harper.


— The producer of The Grammys kinda sorta not really apologized to Trent Reznor for cutting off the show-closing superjam with a dismissive, “I’m sorry he was upset.” Read the entire interview with Ken Ehrlich, who comes off as just the sort of self-absorbed, name-dropping Hollywood jerk you’d expect to produce a show that just figured out that The Beatles were kind of a big deal.


—  Cleveland’s Cloud Nothings will release their 3rd full length release, Here and Nowhere Else, April 1st via Carpark/Mom+Pop. The 8-song album — which clearly straddles that line between EP and LP — was largely written by Dylan Baldi during 18 months of touring. They’re teasing it with the catchy-as-hell track, “I’m Not Part of Me,” which may or may not be break-up poetry.


— 80s rockers Motley Crüe have come up with a creative way of getting press, signing a legal document that dissolves the band post-tour and creates some sort of unknown penalties if they were to resume touring after they finish their second farewell tour in the last decade. Between soccer games and PTA meetings, their middle-aged fans are now rocking out in the minivan, misty eyed to “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).”


— Who loves Beyoncé as much as Jay-Z? Grimes. Otherwise, this picture of her smoking a cigar with Hova might be just about the weirdest thing ever. Not including, of course, the fact that the legendarily nocturnal Claire Boucher was actually awake at a time when people eat brunch. The photobomber’s reaction pretty much says it all.

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