Pictorial Review: The 2013 HFS Nutcracker

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Pictorial Review: The 2013 HFS Nutcracker

WHFS is a legendary alternative rock station that exists in the way that PanAm once had a second lease on life; it isn’t the same but remains a comforting and familiar presence all the same. It’s no longer the station that changed rock radio on the East Coast; it retains the same call sign at a different spot on the dial and with a more commercial focus than the groundbreaking station that was once unceremoniously displaced for a Spanish language station.

Some of their hallowed traditions have survived, though, one of those being their annual HFS Nutcracker holiday shows featuring station favorites. This year’s edition featured bands that included MS MR, Twenty One Pilots, NONONO, and The 1975. And in that familiar format (as seen in the photos below), they collectively proved that the spirit of both the holidays and rock and roll remain alive.


All Photos | Katherine Gaines
Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD


The 1975




Twenty One Pilots



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