Austin City Limits Festival Live Blog: Day Three

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1.40pm: Let Day 3 begin!

1.55pm: Starting things off with Stars on a beautiful day here in Zilker Park. These guys simply make great music…see the WE review!

2.25pm: NEEDTOBREATHE is kickin’ on the big stage…these guys just seem to get better and better and better…are they the heirs apparent to Kings of Leon?…I mean Caleb and the brothers are squabbling…I’m just sayin…

2.40pm: NEEDTOBREATHE now covering “Folsom Prison Blues”…I KNEW I liked these guys…HOT DAMM they’re good!

3.00pm: This time last year the love child of Hendrix, Stevie Ray and Clapton ,Gary Clark Jr. was playing the tiny BMI stage …now he’s tearin’ up the big stage…what a difference a year makes…WE told you about him a year ago and now the young Austin phenom isn’t a secret any more..his new album, Black and Blu, drops this month.

4.15pm: I mean seriously…How effin’ great are The Civil Wars…great songs, AMAZING singing…what more do you want?!?

4.30pm: Huey has called it…The Civil Wars are a modern day George and Tammy…I do concur!

4.40pm: When does an act with just 2 singers (and one of them playing guitar) draw a crowd of 20k?…when The Civil Wars play the big stage at ACL.

4.55pm: NEW BRITISH BAND THAT SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE FROM NASHVILLE ALERT: The Dunwells are making a nice Americana sounding appearance on the BMI stage.

5.05pm: A big Weeping Elvis thank you to the folks at AMD (they sponsor the big stage) for their backstage hospitality!

5.20pm: Dear ACL Festival PLEASE in the name of all that is holy ban lawn chairs and even worse, baby fuckin’ strollers from the rock shows. Thank you!…Elvis

5:30pm: The Lumineers, who we first reported on at SxSW in March, have officially blown up. Their set at the Austin Ventures stage is so oversubscribed that a good 40% of the crowd is outside the sound cone. Nevertheless, the audience is singing along to those few words they can hear.

These guys deserve all this success– hard earned and totally organic–true roots folk Americana at its heartland best. Even though they’re not from England, which is apparently the only place where Americana music comes from these days.

5:33pm: Hey– apparently the kids are still smoking pot at rock shows. The weed might have some staying power at live music events. Turns out.

6.10pm: Austin blues/soul artist Ruthie Foster is singin’ her face off! Go on Ruthie girl sang yo song! Which right now is an awesome cover of U2’s One @aclfestival

6.25pm : WE is currently being schooled by Iggy Pop and The Stooges in all things rock and punk, let alone how to put on a rock show…Iggy Pop: greatest frontman ever?…would that we look this good at 65.

7.20pm: Iggy and the Stooges may have been the most revelatory concert experience I have ever had…SO much of what rock is about.

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